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Knox (Knox Pv) is Pakistan Based Company Founded in 2011. Knox is an innovative High-tech manufacturer, They are specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing for renewable Energy-related products like PV Grid-tied inverters, solar pumping inverters,s and solar/wind hybrid inverters. Whether it’s pre-sale or after-sales, they provide the best service to their customers. Knox is improving renewable energy technology, they are focused on the improvement of inverter’s function like efficiency, stability and extend product lifetime, then let our product smarter in the “5G” world.

Combined with US technology and the Chinese top quality control process, our products reach the balance of quality and price. Certified by IEC(International), VED/EN(Europe), AS4777(Australia), G83/1(UK), Inmetro(Brazil), and other international authoritative approvals, the featured Knox T&S&TP serial solar inverters have been exported to Germany, UK, Australia, India, and other countries worldwide.