Smart Energy is offering both on-grid and off-grid solar systems all our Pakistan. We are Pakistan based company and we know your needs. We have set multiple packages as per client requirements. We directly import panels, invertors, and other solar accessories to our warehouse to ensure the quality of products. These Packages include tier 1 solar panels and inverters and we offer 25 years warranty on solars panels and the invertor’s warranty varies from model to model. If you have any custom requirements, please fill this form Solar Custom Quotation

PayBack / On-Grid (Net Metering) Packages

We offer a wide range On-Grid / Payback (mostly known as Net metering) solar systems. These systems don’t require batteries. They are very useful where the backup is not necessary and you are willing to investing 25 years return back plan.
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5 KW 611,000 PKR
10 KW 1,024,500 PKR
15 KW 1,429,000 PKR
20 KW 1,874,000 PKR
25 KW 2,303,500 PKR
30 KW 2,713,000 PKR
50 KW Call for price
80 KW Call for price
100 KW Call for price


Hybird / Battery Solar System Packages

We offer a wide range of Hybrid / Battery Backup (mostly known as Off-Grid / Solar Ups) solar systems. These systems very useful where load shedding is happening often and you need backup.
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3.2 KW 274,860 PKR
5.35 KW 440,450 PKR
8 KW 696,675 PKR
9 KW 768,365 PKR
10 KW 866,055 PKR
12 KW 1,009,435 PKR
15 KW 1,281,160 PKR
18 KW 1,496,230 PKR
20 KW 1,732,110 PKR